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From scheduling appointments, to what you need to bring on the day of your exam ─ we’ve got the answers. Our goal is to make getting your pre-employment and annual exams simple, quick, and easy! Are you a business? See our employer services.

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You can arrive at your appointment time or up to 15 minutes early.

We get it, life happens. If you’re running late or are going to miss your appointment, call our Customer Care Team at (212) 695-5122. If you know before your appointment that you aren’t going to make it, you can log in to the Patient Portal by entering your email address here and reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Yes. Any of the following forms of identification are acceptable:
Driver License
State ID
Employment Authorization Card
Green Card
Unless you are taking a respirator fit test, there are no eating restrictions for Mobile Health exams. For a respirator fit test, do not eat, drink (except water), smoke, or chew gum 15 minutes before your appointment.
While not required, you are encouraged to bring any medical records that are related to your exam, including immunization records, titer blood tests, or TB test results.


We provide direct-to-patient services for employee screening, workplace health exams, services for students, and travel vaccinations. If you need an occupational health service, Mobile Health is your one-stop-shop for everything you need! All services can be bundled for one comprehensive exam in our patient portal. Our services include drug & alcohol testing, history & physical exams, tuberculosis testing, respirator fit testing, vaccines, and titers. View our complete list of services.

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