We make respirator fit testing more accessible than any other provider. We can fit test at your location with on-site respirator fit testing, send our self-administered Fit Kit™, or see your staff  in our 6,500 clinics. 77% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Mobile Health location, so we really are just around the corner. Need online medical evaluations? We take care of that too.

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      Revolutionize Respiratory Compliance with NEW Software

      Mobile Health’s Respirator Fit Testing Portal serves as a one-stop shop for all things respiratory compliance and as a central repository for all documents to streamline your compliance process. How?​

      • Central storage of fit test results, clearance certificates, and medical evaluations, accessible 24/7 365.​
      • Comprehensive view of your program’s progress, detailing who’s been tested, who’s been cleared, and their results.​
      • Ability to take medical evaluations anytime, anywhere, from any device, with Mobile Health Physician review.
      Respirator Fit Testing

      Mobile Health’s Respirator Fit Testing Portal puts the power of compliance at your fingertips – giving you everything you need to know about your program, storing all documents and results. Recordkeeping has never been so easy.​ OSHA audit? Our Portal will make sure you’re ready and fully compliant.


      Our respirator fit testing solutions work together for comprehensive compliance. Clear employees for fit testing through our online medical evaluations, send the on-site respirator fit testing teams to fit test all employees at once, and then use our Fit Kit™, or 6,500 clinics to fit test new hires along the way. There are endless ways to create a program that’s customized to YOU. Wondering how to get started? Check out our Commonsense Approach to Respirator Fit Testing for tips and best practices in setting up your OSHA-compliant respiratory protection program.

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      We have been providing respirator fit testing for employees and their organizations since 1984. The clinical excellence that began in our first mobile unit is the same clinical excellence you will see through every way we fit test: our 6,500 clinics, on-site teams, and through our self-administered Fit Kit™ programs.

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      Our technology amplifies our respirator fit testing solutions. We are the only provider with a one-stop technology solution for respiratory protection compliance. Online medical evaluations, appointment scheduling, respirator fit testing records ─ everything is completed and stored all in one place. Plus, HRIS/ATS result integration for ultimate compliance and organization.


      We’ve performed respirator fit testing across the country for multi-site construction companies, large hospital networks, Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, and more. Turning breakrooms into clinics, job sites into compliance centers, and employees into fit testers. We recently performed 39,000 fit tests for one single partner, can we fit test your entire workforce?

      Respirator fit Testing Faqs

      Respirator fit testing is a medical evaluation that measures whether a respirator properly fits an individual’s face and provides adequate protection against airborne hazards. Respirator fit testing may only occur after the employee completes and passes a OSHA medical evaluation.

      Respirator fit testing is important for ensuring that employees are protected from airborne hazards in the workplace. A properly fitting respirator significantly reduces the risk of respiratory illness or injury due to exposure to hazardous airborne particles.

      Respirator fit testing is required for employees who are required to wear respirators as part of their job duties. This includes employees who work in industries such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and mining, among others.

      There are two types of respirator fit testing: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative testing uses the employee’s sense of taste to determine whether a respirator properly fits, while quantitative testing uses specialized equipment to measure the amount of air leaking into the respirator.

      Respirator fit testing should be performed annually for employees who wear respirators as part of their job duties. Testing should also be performed whenever an employee changes their respirator model or size, gains or loses more than 20 pounds, or undergoes any facial/cosmetic changes that could affect the fit of the respirator.

      Respirators commonly used in the workplace include N95 filtering facepiece respirators, half-facepiece respirators, and full-facepiece respirators.

      Respirator fit testing can help ensure that employees are properly protected against hazardous airborne substances, reduce the risk of exposure-related illnesses and injuries, and improve workplace safety.

      Respirator fit testing typically takes around 15 minutes per employee.

      Respirator fit test results can be highly accurate when conducted properly by trained evaluators using advanced technology.

      Yes, Mobile Health offers customized respirator fit testing solutions and online OSHA medical evaluations that are tailored to each employer’s needs.

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