We bring quantitative fit testing anywhere you need us to be. Our on-site, certified clinicians are ready to protect your people and keep you compliant. From OSHA-regulated industries to MSHA and DOH, Mobile Health has your back. We are 39-year respiratory protection experts with the team and technology to put you at ease.

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing
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      Revolutionize Respiratory Compliance with NEW Software

      Mobile Health’s Respirator Fit Testing Portal serves as a one-stop shop for all things respiratory compliance and as a central repository for all documents to streamline your compliance process. How?​

      • Central storage of fit test results, clearance certificates, and medical evaluations, accessible 24/7 365.​
      • Comprehensive view of your program’s progress, detailing who’s been tested, who’s been cleared, and their results.​
      • Ability to take medical evaluations anytime, anywhere, from any device, with Mobile Health Physician review.
      Respirator Fit Testing

      Mobile Health’s Respirator Fit Testing Portal puts the power of compliance at your fingertips – giving you everything you need to know about your program, storing all documents and results. Recordkeeping has never been so easy.​ OSHA audit? Our Portal will make sure you’re ready and fully compliant.


      What is quantitative respirator fit testing?

      Quantitative fit testing uses a machine to introduce a challenge solution into the hood while the person’s mask is on. The particle concentration outside the respirator is measured against the concentration inside the respirator. The ratio of these two numbers is the fit factor, and if the fit factor is below OSHA’s acceptable limit, the person is cleared to wear that mask.

      Which respirators require quantitative fit testing?

      Quantitative fit testing must be used for all full-face masks, and can be used to test any half-face mask, including:

      • Elastomeric full facepiece respirator
      • ASR: atmosphere supplying respirators
      • SAR: supplied-air respirators
      • SCBA: self-contained breathing apparatus
      • Combination SAR/SCBA respirators
      • APR: air-purifying respirators
      • FFR: filtering facepiece respirator
      • EHMR: elastomeric half mask respirator
      • PFR: particulate filtering respirators
      • N (not resistant to oil) 95,99,100
      • R (somewhat resistant to oil) 95,99,100
      • P (strongly resistant to oil) 95,99,100
      • HEPA (high efficiency particulate air)

      Want to learn more? Check out our Commonsense Guide to Respirator Fit Testing to learn more about quantitative respirator fit testing, and the ins-and-outs of what it takes to stand up and maintain a fully compliant respiratory protection program. 


      Whether you’re in an office space, warehouse, or clinical setting, we can be fit test ready! We’re a nimble and mighty team that’s performed 39,000 fit tests for one partner in one go. Our on-site quantitative respirator fit testing services are woven into the fabric of your everyday. You may not notice that we’re there, but you will notice the real-time results streaming into the Mobile Health Respirator Fit Testing Portal.

      Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing | Mobile Health


      Quantitative fit testing is accepted for all full-face masks and half-face respirators. If you have employees wearing multiple types of respirators, we can perform multiple fit tests! Your on-site event can even be a mix of quantitative and qualitative fit testing ─ whatever works best for your organization. Let’s come to your location and set up the most convenient exam your employees will ever have.

      DIY Fit Testing Programs | Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing | Mobile Health


      We save our clients 6.4 MILLION in OSHA fines every quarter. How do we do this? By being your partner. Let’s take a look at your respiratory protection program and make sure you’re crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. Mobile Health’s online medical evaluations, quantitative fit testing, and HIPAA-compliant reporting technology give you the thing you need the most, peace of mind.


      From 24/7 operations to accommodate first responders to multi-site fit testing for oil processing plants, we do whatever it takes! Protecting your workforce shouldn’t be a battle, that’s why we go what’s beyond what’s ‘normal’ as a respiratory protection provider.

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