Zacc purton

Wednesday night saw the Australian ride Benno Yung Tin-Amazing pang’s Rocky to win at the city circuit, marking his 573rd career victory overall.

Zac Purton is now officially the most successful jockey to ever grace the sacred grass at the renowned inner-city track. During the last decade, he has made Happy Valley his playground, and as a result, he is officially the most successful jockey to ever grace the hallowed turf.

On Wednesday night, Purton won his 573rd race at Happy Valley while riding Amazing Rocky, who was trained by Benno Yung Tin-pang. This victory moved Purton above Douglas Whyte, whose previous record for the most wins at Happy Valley was 572.

“Of sure, it’s a pleasant experience. However, all that it serves to do is highlight how fortunate I have been to be living in Hong Kong,” Purton added.

Zac Purton Highlights


“A lot of doors have been opened for me,” she said. Many people have shown their support for me. Evidently, I’ve been able to capitalize on it, and I’ve been able to get outcomes, both of which have led to the creation of other prospects for me.

“It’s incredibly fulfilling in every way. It’s another minor accomplishment to check off the list. It is something that I can take pride in.”

Purton has a long history of making his competitors look foolish at Happy Valley by slicing home-straight runs and making daring mid-race manoeuvres. He has stated that he enjoys the difficulties that the one-of-a-kind venue brings to him.

“I like riding here, which is certainly a factor in my success. “The tightness of the track and the intense racing are two aspects that appeal to me,” said Purton.

“Riding for luck and coming between horses are two of my favorite things to do. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you are riding an appropriate horse that is able to deal with the conditions of the track.

“I owe a debt of gratitude to each and every trainer who was responsible for preparing the horses to the level at which they did so that I could have these opportunities. I really hope that I can continue to get them.”

Trainer Danny Shum Chap-shing had a successful day, as his two horses, Sunny Delight and Nordic Dragon, both won their respective races. Nordic Dragon, a graduate of the HK$7 million Hong Kong International Sale, won the Class Four Ngau Chi Wan Handicap (1,200m).

The horse is beautiful. That guy made quite an impression. Shum responded, “I’ll start him over here so he may acquire confidence before I send him to Sha Tin.

Ho completed a double with a win on Nordic Dragon in addition to his previous victory on Theta Hedge, and the jockey was just as thrilled as Shum.

This horse is beautiful. This was a very exciting race. He escaped the confines of the gates and, after a brief period of walking alone, was able to quickly gain speed and cover ground. Ho said that Nordic Dragon was really focused.

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