Joao Moreira will be out for three months after choosing for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment rather than surgery on his ailing left hip.

On Wednesday morning, the Brazilian superstar will get platelet-rich plasma treatment on his ailing left hip.

Despite his frequent injuries, the great Brazilian stated he was determined to return to the saddle later this season. He will have treatment in Hong Kong on Wednesday morning and conclude his recovery there.

“I’ve been suffering from left hip discomfort caused by a disease called a labral tear, as well as accident and stress,” Moreira said. “I’ve been informed that it would take three months since we want to maximize the chances that this operation can repair my problem.”

“Physically, I’m OK.” I’m just not in good enough shape to mount a horse and compete in a race.

Joao Moreira Statement

Joao Moreira
Joao Moreira celebrates a victory with his supporters.

“I can still workout if I want to, but not to the point where I’m putting myself under so much stress that I feel discomfort.” I plan to bike again, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this. “I’ll be back.”

Moreira had PRP treatment on the same hip in 2020 and chose to repeat the process rather than have surgery, with his time on the sidelines expected to be substantially longer this time to give himself the greatest chance of recovery.

The treatment entails extracting blood, centrifuging it, and collecting the PRP before reinjecting it into the damaged region. It will come after the 39-year-old had surgery in Brazil during the off-season “related to my digestive system,” which caused him to miss the first two meetings of the new season.

Jockey Joao Moreira.

He returned to the saddle for just two races and did not ride a winner before succumbing to injury again, battling through last Wednesday’s Happy Valley meeting before missing the weekend’s Sha Tin card.

Moreira had hoped to return to Brazil for the treatment, but it was not possible.

“I would always do it in Brazil because I would be closer to my family and receive assistance from there, since mentally it is also quite tough,” Moreira added.

Doctors also persuaded Moreira to spend his recuperation stay in Hong Kong, despite the fact that his wife Taciana and children Miguel and Marina were in Brazil.

Last Wednesday night, Joao Moreira was at Happy Valley.

“I wanted to go back to Brazil, but I was told to remain here,” he said. “I was requested to do it here because they can continue to provide me with the therapy that I need to give myself the best chance of recovering if I do it with the same folks all the way through.”

“My wife wants to come, but I refuse since we have children.” I’d love to have them all here, but it’s so inconvenient bringing them back only to satisfy my yearning for companionship.”

Moreira has already talked about the psychological toll of being a jockey in Hong Kong during the coronavirus epidemic, which included months of severe lockdowns for those within the Jockey Club’s “racing bubble.”

Last season, he missed several races due to an abnormal heartbeat that was thought to have been brought on by a mixture of stress, anxiety, dehydration, and intense activity.

The four-time champion rider will miss the Hong Kong International Races in December, and the Jockey Club is scrambling to find a star-studded substitute since his absence creates a gaping vacuum in the riding ranks.

The current rivalry between Moreira and Zac Purton will also be put on pause since the Australian is expected to easily win a sixth championship after surpassing Moreira’s four championships on the last day of the previous campaign.

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